Practical questions regarding your exchange in Thailand

Is there any safety issues in Bangkok I should know about?

Bangkok is a very safe city, with a lower crime rate than many Western countries. You might have heard reports of violence in the South of Thailand, and while we do recommend to our visiting students to avoid certain areas, these are situated nearly a 1000 kilometer south of the city. 

In the past years, Thailand has been through a period of political instability leading to street protests. These events, testimony of the deep interest Thais have of the action and form of their government, have been peaceful and took place more than 2 years ago. 

Finally, Thailand has an extremely robust health system, ensuring that in case of health problems, students will receive top quality care. Really, few places are as safe as Bangkok when it comes to academic exchanges.  

How can I arrange accommodation? 

High quality housing in Bangkok is easily available and market prices are relatively low compared with most countries. If you face any challenge in finding a suitable accommodation, feel free to contact us for further assistance. 


Academic questions regarding your time with SPD

Is there a limit on the number of courses/credits I can take?



Can I take classes outside of the SPD Progamme?

Thammasat has a wealth of international programme and sometimes you might be tempted by one of their classes. Exchange students joining SPD are welcome to take one class outside of the programme (provisional to schedule compatibility and acceptance by the other faculty). 

If you need for some reason to take more than one classes outside of SPD, please contact us to see if a special arrangement can be made.