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Application  Timeline

SPD Admission 2018
Please apply online at Click here only.
We are opening the first round of SPD admission 2018. Please see details below.


Additional Admissions Round by TU  (Written Examination only ) 


    Online Application Submission (Additional Admissions):  15 - 22 February 2018 (Apply online on TU website.  Please apply online at Click here only.

   Announcement of Eligible Applicants & Examination Room:  19 March 2018  Click here

    Written Examination:  31 March 2018

   Interview Examination:  TBA

    Announcement of Successful Applicants:  9 April 2018 

   Application fee:  500 Baht

ให้เลือกหัวข้อการสมัคร "สมัครสอบวิชาเฉพาะ" สมัครพร้อมชำระเงิน และนำส่งเอกสารการสมัครมาทางโครงการ ดังนี้

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สามารถส่งเอกสารมายังโครงการด้วยตนเอง หรือส่งมาทางไปรษณีย์ตามที่อยู่ ชื่อหลักสูตร SPD PROGRAMME คณะสังคมสงเคราะห์ศาสตร์ ที่อยู่มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์ ท่าพระจันทร์ 2 ถนนพระจันทร์ กทม.10200

Admission Requirements

    1. Applicants who are qualified are required to sit an interview test conducted by SPD International Programme.

    2. For applicants to be qualified for an interview test, he/she must meet the following criteria:

Thai applicants must have obtained:

    1. High school certificate or equivalent study results

    2. English proficiency score

    3. Overseas experience either through exchange study, foreign stay with host families, or completion of secondary education abroad

   4. Completed statement of purpose

Foreign applicants, not holding Thai citizenship, must have obtained:Click here

   1.  High school certificate or equivalent study results

   2. English proficiency score

   3. Supporting letter from workplace (if applicable)

   4. Completed statement of purpose

Additional documents required (if applicable):

        -  Certificate or supporting letter acknowledging one's achievements or the programme of attendance. The certificate or letter should be issued from associated national or international authorities. 

       - Letter of indication of scholarship (issued by official authority).

       - Creative projects portfolio.

More details about documents in section Education Requirements (below)

**Please follow the update for the following rounds

Round 1 Portfolio (Approximately 15 placements)

        Online Application Submission:  2 - 20 October 2017

        Announcement of Eligible Applicants & Examination Room:  13 November 2017

        Interview:  18 November 2017

        Announcement of Successful Applicants:  8 December 2017

       Announcement for Eligible Applicants for Interview Examination Academic Year 2018 (ROUND 1 Portfolio)  Click 

Round 5 Freedom admission (Approximately 5 placements)

Online Application Submission:  6 – 13 July 2018

Announcement of Eligible Applicants & Examination Room:  TBA

Written Examination:  TBA

Interview Examination:  TBA

Announcement of Successful Applicants:  TBA

Application fee:  500 Baht

Selection process

Please apply online at only.



Education requirements

 Applicants must hold a high school certificate (M6, Grade 12, A-Level or equivalent) from an accredited school or be expected to obtain their certificate prior to university registration. We require a minimum GPA of 2.50 or an accumulative GPA of 2.50 for math and social subjects.

-       Applicants who hold equivalent education from overseas must request to certify their educational certification from The Ministry of Education before submitting to our programme.

-       General Educational Development (GED) is also acceptable with a minimum score of 2,500 in total from all five subjects. 

-    New General Educational Development (New GED) is also acceptable with a minimum score of 145 for each subjects. 

-       The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) are also acceptable with 5 Subjects (no Thai language Subject) with a minimum grade of “C” in total from all five subjects.

English Proficiency requirements

To demonstrate English proficiency, applicants must submit one of the following test results with suggested scores:

  • TU-GET: 500    
  • IELTS: 6    
  • TOEFL: 500 (PBT) or 173 (CBT) or 61 (IBT)
  • SAT: 400 (old SAT) or 450 (new SAT)

Fee and additional documents


Application fee

The application fee is THB 500 each round (approximately US$ 15)


Documents to join to your application

 - A completed Application From with a two-inch photograph affixed to the Application Form.

- A copy of valid personal Identification Card or Passport with verified signature.

- Official Transcript (For those whose transcript is not in English or Thai, please provide an official translated version into Thai or English).

 - Official score report of English Proficiency Test (TU-GET/IELTS/TOEFL/SAT).

- A completed Statement of Purpose (350-500 words).

- Reference Letter (optional)