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What is SPD?
     The Social Policy and Development (SPD) Programme is an international bachelor programme, taught entirely in English and open to ambitious and driven Thai and foreign students. 

The programme was launched in 2013 and its mission is encapsulated today in the motto:

"Empowering Students, Inspiring Change"
SPD Newsletter
(Winter 2019 Term 2)

 Our SPD Newsletter for 2019 is Here!



SPD Internship News  



"My SPD internship at SEAMEO has given me excellent working experiences, great connections and skills development all at the same time.

I learned how to work with various people in diverse situations and developed multiple skills, from multi-tasking and critical and analytical thinking, to problem-solving and interpersonal skills. I sometimes had a hard time with tasks but those challenges pushed me out of my comfort zone. I know that I will be challenged soon in the real working world so I view every assigned task and experience during my internship as a great chance for me to prepare for that. 

In the end, all my internship oppo​rtunities and experiences have become valuable lessons that I cannot learn in the classroom. I perceive this opportunity as a big breakthrough in my self-development.”

Read more about Eve's internship at Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organisation in Bangkok





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