What is SPD ?

The Social Policy and Development (SPD) Programme is an international bachelor programme, entirely taught in English and opened to ambitious and driven Thai and foreign students. The programme was launched in 2013 with one mission :
“Preparing tomorrow's decision-makers”

Our teaching philosophy :

At the core of this ambitious goal is a team of experienced and innovative lecturers both from Thailand and abroad. These diverse professors ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of approaches and worldviews so that each can find one fitting his or her expectations. At the core of SPD values are open-mindedness, critical thinking and intellectual rigour.

SPD programme's formation aims at keeping in touch with the demand of the job market and any emerging social trends. To ensure that no significant gap emerges between our curriculum and the professional world, the SPD team keeps in constant communication with professionals. Students are given frequent opportunity to meet and question experts of various issues during the lecture or during special seminars organized every semester, and during mandatory or optional internships.

Why join the SPD ?

The SPD is an international bachelor's programme at Thammasat University. The programme is entirely taught in English and is open to both Thai and foreign students. Our current full-time foreign students come from Bhutan, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea. We prepare our students to work for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities, international organisations, academia or the public services by training them to become decision-makers who are aware of today's problems and tomorrow's solutions.

Our faculty is located in the Tha Prachan campus, which offers our students the chance to get the most of their years in our programme. As a result, SPD students are able to enjoy a rich student life while taking part in top-notch classes taught by scholars from around the world. 


The SPD programme aims at bridging the gap between the classroom and the labour market by maintaining a close relationship with professionals engaged in the field of social policy. SPD counts among its partners the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) who co-organizes the course SPD 208, the Pratthanadee Foundation and APCASO. We constantly look for more opportunities to bring professionals to the classroom and students to the field.

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