Academic Calendar Semester 1/2019
July 22nd – 26th Registration Day
August 13th 
Start of Semester 1/2019
August 22nd – 26th First period of withdrawal without ‘W’
September 29th Start of Mid Term examinations
October 6thLast day of Mid Term examinations
November 14th – 17th November 14th – 17th
November 30th Last day of classes
December 9th Start of Final Examinations
December 18th Last day of Final examinations
SPD Holidays for Semester 1/2019
October 14th Substitution for Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday
October 23rdChulalongkorn Memorial Day
December 5th The birthday of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej
December 10thConstitution Day
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