Our Courses 

       SPD prides itself to be a multidisciplinary programme that offers its students a wide range of subjects in a span of four years. By the end of the programme, you will be a socially aware decision-maker who is capable of quickly grasping any issues coming your way and acting decisively and responsibly.
       Our curriculum reflects this objective. Each year, students will be introduced to different social problems and the ways to approach them.  The list of courses is provided below.

Year 1

TU 100  Civic Education

TU 101 Thailand, ASEAN and the World

TU 104 Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

LA 100 Introduction to Law and the Legal System

SO 201 Introduction to Sociology

TU 102 Social Life Skills

TU 103 Integrated Science of Sustainability

TU 105 Communication Skills in English

TU 106 Creativity and Communication

TU 113 Fundamentals of Religion and Philosophy

PY 211 General Psychology

Year 2

EG 231 Paragraph Writing

EC 210 Introductory Economics

PO 211 Introduction to Political Science

SPD 201 Human Behaviour in Social Environment

SPD 202 Social Change & Social Problems

SPD 208 Gender, Race and Class in Multicultural Society

SPD 203 Social Research & Statistics  

SPD 209  Welfare Economics

SPD 307 Theories of Social Policy & Development

Year 3

SPD 305 Direct Intervention

SPD 304 Qualitative Social Research

SPD 306 Management & Financing in Development & Welfare Organizations

SPD 310 Analysis & Evaluation of Development & Welfare Programmes

SPD 312 Comparative Welfare States

SPD 311 Globalization and International Development Paradigms

SPD 313 Socio-Political Economies of Global Communities

SPD 314 Welfare Policies & Development in ASEAN

SPD 315 International Organizations and Human Rights

SPD 416 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

SPD 417 Strategic Communication for Social Change

TU 399 Professional Internship  (Summer Internship)

Year 4

SPD 419 Seminar

SPD 418 Development and Social Welfare Project

SPD 440 Transnational Corporations and Labor Welfare

SPD 441 Disaster Management & Social Intervention

SPD 442 Crime and Correction Theories

SPD 443 Introduction to Gerontology

SPD 444 Globalization and Child Family Welfare

SPD 445 Social Epidemiology, Health Ecology and Health Welfare System

For students with sufficient grades: Exchange Semester Abroad 

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