Admissions Timetable Academic Year 2022

Round 1

(Inter Portfolio 1)

Round 2

(Inter Portfolio 2)

Round 3

(Inter Admission 1)

Round 4

(Inter Admission 2)

 Round 5
(Inter Admission 3)

Application Period 

November- 4 December 2021

 4 January-25 February 2022

Now-23 March 2022 1-15 May 2022Now - 10 June 2022  


Of Eligible Applicants

18 December 20219 March 2022 5 April 202225 May 2022-

Written Exam Date 

--8 April 2022  27 May 2022-  

Interview Date 

21 December 202122 March 2022 8 April 202227 May 202211 June 2022  


of Successful Applicants

30 December 20214 April 2022  25 April 20227 June 2022 17 June 2022 

Eligibility Confirmation
for Admission in
CUPT Managment System (Clearing house) Period

7-8 Frebruary 2022

9-10 May 2022


9-10 May 2022


8-9 June 202218-19 June 2022 

Enrollment Confirmation
Deposit 15,000 THB

22-23 February 202218-19 May 202218-19 May 202221-22 June 202220-25 June 2022 

Announcement of Eligible Applicants for 
Study (Confirmation the Admission) 

7 March 202231 May 202231 May 202230 June 202230 June 2022 


 Round 1 and 2 admission (Inter Portfolio)

Applicants are not required to complete a written exam but need to sumit their portfolio.
A strong portfolio should include skills gained through participation in activities such as;

  • National or international social science compettition award.
  • Participation in, or being a part of, the creation of social development project, activities or events.
  • Overseas experience though exchange programmes.

Applicants who meet the admission requirements will be requested to attend an interview.

***Please note that Applicant can design the  portfolio but please  be informed that the topic

and  the number of  pages must follow Thammasat University’s template by click here to dowload 

Round 3 and 4 admission

Applicatants are required to complete a written exam. Submission of a porfolio is optional. Applicants who meet the admission requirements will be requested
to attend an ineterview.

Admission Requirements

Applicants’ Qualifications: Academic Requirements

  • Applicants must have, or expect to receive, a M6, Grade 12, high school certificate or A-level, or the equivalent.

  • Applicants must have GPA minimum score of 2.50 

Applicants’ Qualifications: Academic Requirements (Equivalency of High School Qualifications)

  • British system - British education system:
           - Applicant shall have GEC 'A' Level results in 3 subjects, with grades A*-C
            - Applicant shall have Cambridge Pre-U results in 3 subjects, scoring at least M1 or D1-D3 in each subject.

  • American/Canadian system - General Educational Development (GED) 

            - Applicants taking the GED tests before May 2017 shall have GED results in 5 subjects, scoring at least 410 in each subject and at least 2,250 score in total.

            - Applicants taking the GED tests  since May 2017 BE onwards shall have GED results in 4 subjects, scoring at least 145 in each subject. 

  • New Zealand's system - New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
    New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement under supervision of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) with:
            (1) No less than 80 credits, consisting of
            - Subjects in Level 2 or higher, comprising of no less than 60 credits; and
            - Subjects in Level 1 or higher, comprising of no less than 20 credits.
            - English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESLO) is also a subject included in the consideration.
            - Applicants shall have an NECA level 2 certificate, a Record of Achievement,and a certificate from New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) confirming the levels, number of subjects and number of credits of each subject.
            - All in all, the criteria in (1) apply to high school graduates from New Zealand from the academic year of 2553 BE;
            (2) No less than 60 credits from at least 5 different subjects in Level 2 or higher and 2 compulsory subjects consisting of;
            - English (literacy) in Level 2 or higher, at least 4 credits
            - Mathematics (numeracy) in Level 2 or higher, at least 4 credits.
            - English for Speaker of Ohter Languages (ESLO) is not included in the consideration.
            - Applicants shall have a Record of Achievement, and a certificate from New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) confirming the levels, number of subjects and number of credits of each subject.
            - All in all, the criteria in (2) apply to high school graduates from New Zealand from the academic year of 2553 BE;

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs
            1. Applicants shall have a high school diploma from school in Thailand approved by Ministry of Education 
            2. Applicants who graduated from overseas shall have an IB diploma shall have a total score of no less than 24 points from 5 subjects and 1 elctive subject, and shall have passed the evaluation no Extended Eassy (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and creativity, Action & Service (CAS) under the criteria of International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO);
            3. Applicants have IB Diploma Course Result (IBCR) of at least  5 different subjects and receiving no lower than Grade 3 in each subject.

  • Other International programs from other countries
            - Check equivalency of overseas qualifications from the Ministry of Education's Announcement of Equivalency of Overseas Qualifications announced on 18 January 2545 BE.

    Note: For applicants who graduated or obtained test score prior 1 August 2562 BE, the Council of University Presidents of Thailand's Criteria on Equivalency of High School Qualifications in University Admission, 2562 BE are applied.

Thai and Foreign applicants :

        1. High school certificate or equivalent
      2. English proficiency score
      3. A completed statement of purpose 
      4. Experience of overseas study or exchange programme in an English-speaking country (desirable)
      5. Work experience (optional) 
      6. Certificate of awards, academic and volunteer activities, creative works, or special talents.

English proficiency score requirements 

One of the following:

  • IELTS (Academic): Overall band 6 and above
  • TOFEL (PBT/ITP minimum 500/ IBT minimum 61)
  • TU-GET (PBT minimum 500/ CBT minimum 61)
  • NEW SAT: minimum score of 450
  • GSAT: minimum score of 450

Test score must be from a test taken within 2 years before date of application submission.

Additional required documents

  • A completed application form
  • A  two-inch photograph
  • A copy of valid personal Identification Card or Passport 
  • Official Transcript (For those whose transcript is not in English or Thai, please provide an official translated version in Thai or English)
  • Official score report of the English Proficiency Test (TU-GET/ IELTS/ TOEFL/ SAT)
  • A completed Statement of Purpose (350-500 words)
  • Reference Letter (optional)

Application fee payable to the following account :

     Account name: SPD THAMMASAT
     Saving account number: 114-219456-7
     Swift transfer: SICOTHBK
     Amount : 1,000 baht

Please send a picture of the transfer receipt to

Tuition fees details <-- Click here

Application Form

Download Application Form (PDF): SPD Application form_pdf.

Download Application Form (DOC): SPD Application form_doc.

Download Portfolio Template Thammasat University TCAS65: SPD Portfolio Template doc.

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