SPD Alumni Series 2021 - SPD Through the Eyes of our Alumni by Ice

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SPD Alumni Series 2021 - SPD Through the Eyes of our Alumni by Ice

Hi guys! My name is Ice or Pattarapong Sangsipipattaraboon. I am a former SPD (04) student. After graduating from SPD, I looked for a job that related to what I learnt right away and became a trainee as a communication assistant that helps an organization publicize its research.

SPD had an impact on this job that makes this work a bit easier for me because researching, making slides, and presenting are the things that I, as a former student, used to do but during the period of training these kinds of work bored me so I decided to quit and find something new for my life but SPD did help me with that first job.

Right now, I am working as a Sales Admin at Cad Cast Co., Ltd which is about helping Sales staff to prepare their papers and find possible ways to persuade buyers to buy our products. SPD also helps me with some parts like customer choice theory and researching (but for competitors). I have a lot of fun and new experience working here. In the end, I hope you guys find the right job and will be able to do what you love. “Don’t waste your time looking back, you are not going that way” - Ragnar Lothbrok, Viking, Season 4: What Might Have Been.

Pattarapong Sangsipipattaraboon (Ice)

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