SPD-Citizens and Sport Project under Traprachan Game 2022 in TU Traprachan campus

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SPD-Citizens and Sport Project under Traprachan Game 2022 in TU Traprachan campus

This is an activity that the Thammasat University Student Council Organization recognizes as an important activity and as a way to ecourage participation in the activities of the university. It is also a way to learn about public relations, to plan management and teamwork, with the experience of working with others and collaborating with students from different faculties and also connecting in terms of relations with senior students and developing a respect for the rules of sports games.

The following are the objectives of this Sport Project;

1. To enable students to promote self-confidence, understand, learn and respect the rules of sports.

2. To enable students to participate in activities of Thammasat University

3. For students to have a plan for the management of teamwork and have experience of working with others and the expected benefits are;

1. Students learn activities, plan, and are able to complete them.

2. The internal unity of students every year with interaction between both seniors and juniors

3. As an example for next year’s student in terms of organizing activities

In 2022, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they provided us with 4 types of sport; Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and  E-sport. SPD students participated in each sport but unfortunately, we only got third place in the girl football tournament trough cooperation with the PPE faculty.In the other sports, we did not do quite so well.

Duringthis pandemic, the Thammasat University Student Council did not ignore the risk that may happen from the on-site activity and for practice periods, they also produced a policy to screen the participants as well.

In joining  this project, we cannot deny and ignore that all students want their university life back as well, to produce an activity and project to live a life as the new normal with the COVID-19 situation and this was a very important important for us to move on and to realize how to could live with our own safety as well.

Thammasat University students and the center managers in the university were both concerned about the risk that may increase while this project takes place and with the agreement of each leader and students faculty agreement produced a new policy during  this pandemic as follows;

All participants are required to receive at least 2 vaccinations and one booster for each type of vaccine.
There will be an ATK test with proof of identity within 24 hours before the competition and training including the trainees and the welfare division
- In closed places, for example, in gyms, only athletes can remove their masks during sporting events. And only 6 people in each team can participate in the closed facility. They must be vaccinated according to the basic rules. and wear a mask all the time when sharing space.

- In the case of open places such as football, there will be a separate area for the athletes and related teams only. Under the same rules as a gym

In each sport, sports are not open to visitors and everyone must respect the rules strictly.
In the event of a risk-taker in each team, there are two options:
-  Surrender in that match

-  Quarantine for 7 days and get tested PCR immediately upon the incubation period. and can reschedule a new match later

The number of participants is clearly limited and violators of the rules are subject to penalties in all cases.
These measures are the criteria for participating in the activities from the first day until the last day to receive the prizes in each category. By strict compliance and mutual agreement of all parties to support activities to restore student life during COVID-19 and to be able to adapt to it. 

These excellent policies supported our safety and well-being including the intensive screening in order to avoid and prevent any risk of infection. These policies took into account the interests of students and allowed for learning about sportsmanship, respecting rules, and building relationships with students from different faculties.


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